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heart and soul stables has been on a mission to secure some new diverse bloodlines to add to our herd and these efforts have been met with success!  Check back for more information on our new jacks:

Circle C Black Ice NEW!

Stoney Acres Fabrino  NEW!

Stoney Acres Prairie's Inferno NEW!

LN Red Ronan,



 LN Black Shiner


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Half Pint Hill Lone Star



Half Pint Hill Lone Star 

DOB: July 5, 2006

Half Pint Hill Future Star X Shawmar's Capris

Color: Brown

Height: 32 3/4 inches

Will you look at this little guy?  He is square, compact, solid and has veritable fence posts for legs!  All of that with the most beautiful star and sweet personality.  He has all colors of the donkey rainbow in his pedigree - black, brown, sorrel/chestnut/red and grey.  Amongst his ancestors are such greats as The Fireman,  DCM Jack of Spades, MGF Future Link, LCR Valentino 50, and Boones Little Rose Marie.  We are very excited to see what he will produce for us next spring.  He has been in "meetings" with a couple of our girls and loves his new job!

A big "thank you" to Jan and Vic Chiasson of Half Pint Hill Donkeys for letting him come all the way to Manitoba!  We just know this guy is going to be a big "star"!
Lone Star's first 3 foals arrived in the spring of 2012 - 2 jack foals and a jennet.  All three are square and well built with super legs - just like their sire!  Lone Star's final foal for the year with Stoney Acres Chloey was born on September 12/12, a full week early.  As expected this match has resulted in a stocky straight and square foal who combines the best assets of both sire and dam!  Please welcome heart & soul Chatter.  He can be seen on our foals page.

Lone Star will be retired in the Fall of 2018. He has made a significant contribution to our breeding program and was a pleasure to work with. He will be available as a gelding in spring 2019.

Stoney Acres Divvan - sold


DOB: May 29, 2004

MGF Prairie Fire X White Star's Extreme Diva

Color: Dark Sorrel

Height: 30 1/2 inches


Divvan is a small stocky jack that is as red as they come.  He has a gentle agreeable temperament that he passes on to his offspring.

Divvan is a full brother to Stoney Acres Prairies Inferno (standing at Stoney Acres - Alberta) and Stoney Acres Pompeii (standing at AssPirin Acres - Vermont).  His nephew - Stoney Acres Firecracker - stands at Asspen Grove in British Columbia.  With Divvan quality is no accident.  He comes from a long line of superior champion jacks. 

Stoney Acres Divvan is sold.  His full pedigree can be viewed at the clrc website.  Don't miss this opportunity to add this brilliant red proven herd sire to your farm.

Sold!  Congratulations Pam Senko and family.  We're sure you'll appreciate Divvan's wonderful personality and the improvements he will make to your future breeding herd!


Circle C Shameless


 Circle C Shameless - Breeding Jack/Herd Sire

True Black Jack

D.O.B.  July 2003

Height:  32 3/4 ins.

Sire:  MGF Future Link

Dam:  Sun Creek Miss Marcella Beans


Circle C Shameless is a true black son of Future Link. His look is refined and he passes this on to his foals resulting in exceptionally elegant offspring. At 32 3/4 inches he is just the right height to add performance capabilities to his offspring without excessive size. He was truly a pleasure to work with.  Shameless was an asset to those seeking to add black genetics and elegance to their herd. 

We are expecting 3 - 5 foals by Shameless in 2013 starting approximately May 18.  Check Foals 2013 under Our Foals for more information

Shameless has been permanently retired.  We will miss this guy!